The Saga Of The Healthcare Sector And Its Survival.

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The Saga Of The Healthcare Sector And Its Survival.

Ashish Bajaj is the Marketing Head Of India’s Leading, end-to-end digital healthcare platform MediBuddy. 

He is a marketing expert with experience in developing communications for consumers, comprehensive media knowledge, consumer awareness, touch point planning, and management. He was honoured by the Times of India and the Delhi Government in 2012 for being the first person to represent India in a worldwide media competition at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2012, Cannes, France.

Tech Advancement In Medical Sector

Since the pandemic started, the digital healthcare platforms or telemedicine or doctor consultation online- all of these industries put together into a digital healthcare platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a driving force behind advancements in healthcare. Mr. Ashish Bajaj discusses this and asserts that There have been 270 more medical apps published to the Google Play market in the last six months, giving the façade of online healthcare. 

With so many new digital healthcare platforms emerging, it is now more crucial than ever to put the patient first. Patients now have control over their own care, which shifts them away from a prescription-driven healthcare model and toward preventive and wellness practices.

Give Priority To Customers/Patients

if you keep your communication objective as simple to the core to the needs of the consumer, cracking a good communication out of it is going to be an easy job for any marketeer to be

For any pharmaceutical or healthcare company, developing their brand and gaining their consumers’ trust has become essential. Consumers no longer base their decisions solely on referrals; instead, they do their research and check customer reviews. Mr. Bajaj claims that the healthcare industry has switched from fear-based to trust-based marketing.

Promotion And Price Strategy

There are too many brands competing for the attention of one consumer in the pharmaceutical industry. If you treat everyone’s service equally, promotion and price are what will enable you to succeed. According to Mr. Bajaj, pop-up shops in the neighbourhood have undergone a full transformation, behaving more and more like applications where customers can quickly order goods using WhatsApp.

Tips By Expert 

Mr. Bajaj advises marketers to be methodical, eager to pick up new facts, and open to accepting feedback. Additionally, he stresses that the patient must be the main emphasis. Lastly, he claims it is important for health practitioners to be experimental after fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the experiment.


Everyone has undergone an exponential shift in the past one and a half years. More people are becoming independent and tech-savvy, which has been fantastic for our entire ecosystem. And the same has been the case with the pharmaceutical industry, especially after the corona pandemic

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