Exclusive Interview with Ms. Maya Venkatesh, Managing Director- APAC, Affinity Answers| IBB |

Icons Behind Brands presents another episode of “Simplifying Mar Tech”, a video talk show series where technology meets marketing, concentrating and accentuating the success tales of the paramount exemplars of the industry, challenges confronted, and the ways they overcame them.
In a substantial interview with Devleena Neogi, Editor-in-Chief of Icons Behind Brands – Ms. Maya Venkatesh , Managing Director- APAC, Affinity Answers, talks about his background, journey, accomplishments, artificial intelligence, trends and outside forces, consumer behaviours, and the tips and hacks of marketing.

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Meet Mrs. Maya Venkatesh, the managing director of Affinity Answers for Asia Pacific and a multifaceted leader with over 25 years of experience. She has handled India operations for large MNCs like Symphony Teleca, Ford, Tangoe and currently, Affinity Answers.

Despite having a busy schedule, Mrs. Maya still manages to find time to mentor women to grow into leadership roles through her associates with Jobs for Her.

Meet the host Devleena Neogi, a brand, and marketing strategist specializing in curating marketing campaigns for large companies. Devleena has acquired 12 years of work experience and 12+ years of entrepreneurial journey.
She is the Editor-in-Chief of Icons Behind Brands and also the co-founder of Ginger Media Group.

The series presents the background, the inspiring real-life journey, hardships faced, and how the challenges were overcome by the pre-eminent leaders of the industry who talk about the core of technology, marketing, advertising, and branding.

Get ready to embark on this enthralling journey of profoundly exhilarating real-life anecdotes of professional challenges and hard-earned success of prominent entrepreneurs who have contributed significantly to society with Simplifying Mar Tech, a venture of Icons Behind Brands with our host, Devleena Neogi.

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