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The tables are turned! After showcasing brand stories, Finally Icons Behind the Brands (IBB) dives into the world of creators with its first-ever Creator Panel Discussion!

Get ready to unlock the secrets to online success with:

Abhishek Kar: A social media giant with 4M+ followers, a TEDx veteran (7x!), an angel investor, and a powerhouse with 103+ awards under his belt!
Saurabh Bhatnagar: The founder of FlexiFunnels, India’s first tool to help anyone launch and scale their online income – fast!
This INSANE discussion covers:

Actionable insights from industry experts
Inspiring stories from the creator trenches
A whole lotta FUN!
Plus, witness a hilarious twist on the classic “Never Have I Ever” game (Trailer 2 coming soon!)

This is your chance to see the brand landscape from the creator’s perspective!

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Icons Behind Brands is not just a podcast; it’s a platform where industry leaders share their experiences and learnings. Hosted by the accomplished Devleena Neogi, Editor in Chief at Icons Behind Brands, the podcast aims to empower and inspire young professionals in India by providing insights into the journeys of successful entrepreneurs and industry veterans.

Meet Our Host, Devleena Neogi:

An accomplished marketing professional and Editor in Chief at Icons Behind Brands, will skillfully guide this conversation. As the Co-Founder of Ginger Media Group, she brings a unique perspective to the discussion, fostering insightful dialogues with industry leaders.

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What’s In It For You:
This episode promises a deep dive into the digital realm, with our marketing stallwatrs sharing expertise, anecdotes, and strategies that have shaped his illustrious career. Whether you’re a marketing enthusiast, tech professional, or budding entrepreneur, this conversation is packed with valuable takeaways to fuel your own journey.
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