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The new year is upon us. And this provides an opportunity to look at the successes of the past year back and set new goals for the future.🌻

As it’s high time to celebrate our successes, Icon Behinds Brand will continue showing gratitude to every single contributor and this time we are delighted to wish Mr. Varun Sridhar success and prosperity!✨

Mr. Varun Sridhar is the CEO of Paytm Money. Over the course of nearly two decades, Mr. Varun has led the digitalization of some of the top retail banks in India. He left no stone apart in his career and we feel fortunate for his collaboration with IBB.🌟

We all have heard “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. And Mr. Varun has proved it through IBB. He enlightened many of the emerging marketers with his knowledge.🌈

There’s no question it was a great time with you Mr. Sridhar. Thanks for the precious collaboration.


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