#GratitudePost #Gratitude12 #Wrapping2022

A virtuous year is one where we stick by as a family and achieve everything together. And Icons Behind Brands is celebrating that gone year 2022.🌷

Hence IBB is continuing the series of thanks, and this time we would like to mention another prominent figure Mr. Vinayak Sodhi who has collaborated with us and enlightened many of the viewers.🥂

Mr. Vinayak Sodhi is the founder of Wrestle Square, India’s first professional wrestling platform. When it comes to his expertise, he has over five decades of experience in the wwe profession.🙌🏻

By collaborating with IBB, he enlightened viewers about the profession of wrestling in the Indian Market.✨

Thanks for your collaboration Mr. Vinayak Sodhi. We really appreciate your hard work.🌟

I hope this year brings you unfathomable bliss and unending success.💫

Devleena Neogi #IconsBehindBrands

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