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As one year ends and a new one starts. What matters is to praise every single contribution made towards us.🌻

Hence, Icon Behinds Brand is all set to wish every contributor joy and lightness of heart.☘️

IBB is extremely delighted to appreciate the collaboration of another notable leader Ms. Suman Varma.🌺

Ms. Suman Varma is the Chief Marketing Officer of Hamdard Laboratories. She is a powerhouse of energy and knowledge when it comes to brand and marketing. With over 26 years of experience, she has worked with leading brands like ITC, Hamdard, Tata Steel, Zee TV, Pepsi, Airtel and many more.✅

Famous Dalai Lama once said “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality”. And you have really achieved it.🌈

Thank you for the contribution you have made and the powerful knowledge you have shared.☀

It was amazing to have you with us Ms Suman Varma.💫


Devleena Neogi #IconsBehindBrands #IconBehindBrandWithDevleena

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