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Year 2022 has been a fabulous year for IBB & we hope to continue shining even in 2023.🌺

But what’s more important is to cherish every single contribution made by notable icons in the making of “Icons Behind Brands” more successful.💫

Let’s continue with Mr. Vaibhav Mehrotra, the Head Of Marketing at Cashfree Payments!✨

With a career spanning over 13 years, Vaibhav has worked with prominent firms in leadership positions. To name a few…DLF Ltd, Max Group, Cognizant Interactive and Photon Interactive and many more!

IBB would like to take this opportunity of “Ending year 2022” to thank him for his outstanding contributions!🥂

Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with us and viewers Mr. Vaibhav Mehrotra.🙌🏻

You have been an inspiration to many of us!

We all know that “Storytelling ignites knowledge sharing” and you did the same for us!

We really respect you!

Thanks Mr. Vaibhav Mehrotra!


Devleena Neogi @cashfreepayments

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