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Here’s a toast to the year gone by! It taught us lots of lessons– harsh and soft– but most importantly, Icon Behind Brands stuck together through thick and thin.🥂

There’s no doubt what made IBB shine is the collaborations of notable personalities who inspired many other emerging marketers throughout the year!🌟

This is why we’re celebrating every single contribution made.✅

So, let’s thanks and appreciate Mr. SV Nathan, the Partner and Chief Talent Officer of Deloitte India, for his collaboration with IBB.🌺

Mr. SV Nathan is an industry leader, mentor and an advocate of ethical leadership  who  has over 30 years of experience in HR management, across diverse industries including Manufacturing, Services, Telecom, and Information Technology.✨

Through IBB, he enlightened thousands of people about brand, marketing and communications. He made people understand how to achieve certain marketing goals.🙌🏻

We feel his experience are no less than any treasure.🌻

IBB believes in how Knowledge sharing creates a culture of learning and Mr. SV Nathan maintained this culture with no stone unturned.🌈

We would like to thank him for being a part of IBB.💫



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