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The new year is approaching, and people all over the world are gearing up to celebrate it with zeal. With the new year reaching, IBB has assembled a list of notable figures who have contributed and collaborated with us. 🌺

IBB would continue the thread of appreciation and is all set to thank Ms. Runam Mehta, the CEO at HealthCube for her collaboration.🙌🏻

We understand the fact how the journey of a leader is usually filled with hurdles and challenges eventually concluding with success. While sometimes, opportunities can be incidental and pure luck, it’s the attitude to make the most of those situations that matters. And Runam Mehta, CEO, HealthCube is one of such diligent leaders.🌟

Through IBB she shared amazing insights with helped a lot many emerging brand leaders.🌈

Thanks Ms. Runam Mehta for your hard work and support. We wish your great year ahead with more and more success.🌻

Devleena Neogi

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