#GratitudePost #Gratitude8 #Wrapping2022

We all know that Life is all about appreciation, new hopes, and aspirations, not possessions.🌷

As 2022 is finally about to end, it’s time for us to appreciate what others have done for us throughout the year!🌻

Icon Behinds Brand is continuing the series of thanks, and this time we would like to mention another notable figure Mr. Nikhil Dhar who has collaborated with us and enlightened many of the viewers.🥂

Nikhil Dhar is a brand leader who currently oversees marketing and communication at Indigo. He has over ten years of expertise in product marketing, corporate strategy, program management, and business consulting.💫

IBB would like to confess that year 2022 was full of accomplishments and is finally ending which would not have been possible without you Mr. Nikhil Dhar.👏🏻

I hope that the coming year will bring you great opportunities that will be fruitful and full of recognition for your hard work.

Thanks for your collaboration, Mr. Dhar. Best wishes and blessings for the coming year Mr. Nikhil Dhar!🌈

Devleena Neogi

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