Icon Behind Brand’s Business and Marketing Interview with CEO of Paytm Money, Mr Varun Sridhar

The CXO spotlight interview series is a video marketing interview series in which Devleena Neogi, the editor-in-chief of IBB, interviews some of the preeminent leaders, marketers, CEOs and co-founders and shares their insights on the current marketing trends and the future of marketing beyond this new-age world.

In this new, exciting interview, we have brought Mr. Varun Sridhar, yet another stalwart of the marketing industry, CEO of one of the largest, multinational, digital payment system and financial services company, Paytm Money.

As of 2020, Paytm is valued at more than $16 million dollars making it one of the largest fintech companies in the entire world.

Mr. Varun Sridhar has been the CEO of Paytm Money since 2020. Prior to becoming the CEO of Paytm and has worked for many other notable firms such as FinShell India, BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank. Don’t miss this insightful CEO interview of a multinational and multi million dollar brand, Paytm Money.

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