Brand Messaging And Communication: Its Evolution So Far

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Brand Messaging And Communication: Its Evolution So Far

Swati Bhattacharya is the Chief Communications and Brand Officer at India’s notable Bajaj Group.

She has over 25 years of experience and has worked for major corporations such as CK Birla Group and General Motors before joining the Bajaj Group in 2019. Ms. Bhattacharya was named the ABP News Women Super Achiever Award winner for Brand Excellence. Not only this but she is also skilled at assisting organizations in dealing with regulatory challenges and mitigating organizational and commercial risks.

Evolution Of Brand Messaging

When I started 26 years ago, there was nothing at that point; All brands were dependent on word of mouth, advertising, PR coverage, but that has changed drastically.

In her first few statements, Mrs. Swati Bhattacharya discusses the development of brand messaging. She recalls how people used to talk on landlines, fax documents, and email was just starting to catch on. She goes on to say that there has been a significant change between then and now. 

She claims that as digital media, brand, and communications have advanced, people have gained more influence over brand messages. It is because it takes little time to publish news or any information about one’s business.

Demerits Of Digitalization In Marketing

Mrs. Bhattacharya discusses how the ease of digital media has drawbacks as well. She highlights how the rise of fake news brought on by digitalization might be disastrous for any brand.

Concept Of Strategic Messaging

No matter which industry or market you serve, you have to have good key messages and keep retreating to them at every given opportunity.

With the emergence of video and audio streaming, consumers are now in command of what content they choose to consume. Strategic messaging is the only thing that hasn’t changed despite all the changes in the world. 

Mrs. Bhattacharya emphasizes the same idea by stating that people nowadays buy into a company’s value rather than its products, which is why it is necessary that we provide accurate information in the right manner.

Pandemic Precautions

Every message you send out has to be empathetic and thoughtful; It cannot be a regular business anymore.

Everyone has learned from the corona pandemic that real communication is crucial. According to Ms. Bhattacharya, digital today is just not a communication tool; it has evolved into a business strategy. 

To address the post-pandemic stress that is currently affecting the industries the ability to quickly accept new technology and trends must be developed. Then, it is advisable to read about and comprehend all facets of a business. Finally, since there is no shortcut to success, it is necessary to work hard.


It is a fact that each and every field has seen a huge transformation in the past few years and brand messaging is one of them. We cannot deny the difference communication can make in securing your clients and customers and transforming them into loyal customers. 

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