How has the pandemic given way to the Digital Age

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How has the pandemic given way to the Digital Age

Rituraj Bidwai is the head of the digital marketing dept at Sobha Limited, one of the leading real estate companies in India.

Mr. Bidwai has expertise in the marketing sector. He is a very active digital marketing leader who is unwavering in his dedication to his business. Mr. Bidwai, who attended IIM Calcutta, was honoured with the Asia Retail Congress and CMO Asia Brand and Marketing Excellence Awards in his successful career. 

Covid Impacted Customer’s Mindset

The current pandemic has shaped the consumer’s thinking

The COVID-19 outbreak has radically altered the world, causing people to live, buy, and think in new ways. According to Mr. Bidwai , the first variation is that the consumer now focuses on the core value of the product rather than the secondary benefits. Then, the customer now spends wisely. Lastly, there has been a significant shift from offline to digital channels after the plague. 

Change In Marketer’s POV

A marketer’s mind has changed drastically;  also the adaptability of the marketing

According to Mr. Riturat Bidwai, marketers are now focusing more on local SEO. Then, product quality is a game changer because online reviews have a considerable impact on marketing. Third, the emphasis has shifted significantly to online shopping. 

Significance Of Virtual Space

Around 80% of the content consumption shifted from and remained online during the pandemic

Mr. Rituraj Bidwai states the fact by pointing out the significance of virtual space. He claims how Gen Z has boosted their online shopping base by 2.5 times, from 20% to 30%. Then, 70% of Generation Z and Millennials want to join online education. Customers were drawn to platforms such as Clubhouse and podcasts because they help to reduce screen time fatigue, which has crept into people’s minds over time.

A Beginning Of Digital Marketing Space

It depends on what sector you are in and what kind of psyche the customer has, if that matches, marketers will be through with that.

Following the corona outbreak, the digital marketing channels handled the situation admirably. Mr. Bidwai believes that the most important thing is to monitor consumer sentiment. Marketers must remain focused on better understanding their target audience.

Key Takeaways

We all know that digitalization happened a long time back but what the corona outbreak has done is boost it to another level. It has created a huge shift to digital marketing and platforms and has acted as a medium to bring the digital age to life in reality. 

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