Overcoming the post-pandemic stress in the Automobile Industry

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Overcoming the post-pandemic stress in the Automobile Industry

Mr. Tarun Jha is the head of the marketing department at Skoda India, a brand with a rich history dating back 125 years.

It’s imperative to take a look at this marketer’s career because he has set out a path for himself that later served as a model for marketers. He has been with SKODA AUTO since 2008, collaborating as an international marketing consultant for 3 years at the Prague headquarters. Throughout his stellar career, he has also collaborated with prominent brands including Mudra Communications.

Significance Of Customer Behavior

One country is different from the other in terms of the customers, their behaviours, their requirements

Businesses need to fathom customer behaviour to flourish. When discussing the differences between customer behaviour in a foreign country and India, Tarun Jha expresses a similar sentiment. 

Transition In Automobile Sector

The pandemic has altered the way customers react and behave

The COVID pandemic had a severe impact on the overall nation’s economy, putting the automobile industry on alert. Mr. Jha discusses customers’ frustration regarding financing when buying cars during the covid outbreak. Furthermore, customers were afraid and resisted visiting the showroom or workshops. According to Mr. Jha, the consumer’s focus shifted away from financial security to a more value-oriented strategy after the pandemic. 

A New Approach To Automobile Marketing

Intervention of technology and the incidences of usage have gone up dramatically

After the COVID pandemic, the automobile industry modified the way it represented its brands. Mr. Jha asserts that brands are rapidly going digital. He claims that they delivered a new brand message outlining how a car is not simply a mode of transportation but also a second home. They resurrected their marketing plan by thinking like the customer.

Tips To Lead In Automobile Marketing

Mr. Tarun Jha states that by taking wise action, it is simple to adapt and handle new challenges. He discusses the urgency of returning to normalcy and overcoming post-pandemic stress following a pandemic. Therefore, it is crucial for good marketing to understand consumer attitudes regarding branding.

He uses SKODA India as an example, discussing how the company restored its image by embracing modern tactics and advancements. One of the first automakers to provide online automobile reservations that allow clients to pay from the comfort of their own homes is Skoda. Then Skoda began a contactless virtual demo where one could speak to the sales adviser while staying at home.


There is no denying the fact that the COVID pandemic has shaken the automobile industry. But, at the same time, it is important to overcome the stress it has caused. “It is a deep-rooted desire of all human beings to be mobile”- claims Mr. Jha towards the end of the interview. 

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