Beyond Boundaries: Anirban Guha on Global Campaign Success


Beyond Boundaries: Anirban Guha on Global Campaign Success

Dive into the world of strategic marketing with Anirban Guha, Associate Director of Marketing at Cigniti Technologies Ltd., as he shares over 15 years of expertise in driving global campaign successes. In this episode of Icons Behind Brands, hosted by Devleena Neogi, Anirban unveils the art of successful marketing through a holistic skill set and strategic mindset.

Explore key insights into new product launches, discovering crucial elements for end-to-end campaign planning to ensure maximum impact. Gain valuable perspectives on aligning marketing collateral development with campaign objectives and audience preferences within the dynamic tech sector. Anirban delves into the delicate balance between content marketing and data-driven analytics in day-to-day marketing operations, drawing from his rich experience.

Discover the invaluable lessons learned from past marketing challenges in the tech industry, and learn how Anirban ensures that marketing communications remain innovative and relevant amidst the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or aspiring to elevate your marketing strategies, this episode offers actionable insights and inspiration. Stay tuned for the full conversation on YouTube and social media, and don't miss out on unlocking the secrets to marketing success with Anirban Guha.

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