From Journalism to Brand Brilliance: Tara Kapur’s Marketing Odyssey


From Journalism to Brand Brilliance: Tara Kapur’s Marketing Odyssey

Welcome to Icons Behind Brands! In this episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Tara Kapur, a visionary marketer shaping the landscape of media and entertainment. From her beginnings at The Times Group to her impactful roles at Netflix, Vice Media, and Duolingo, Tara's story is one of dynamic career transitions and unparalleled success.

As the India Marketing Head for Duolingo English Test, Tara leads groundbreaking strategies in language proficiency assessment, infusing her journalistic finesse to amplify Duolingo's impact. Beyond marketing, Tara is also the co-founder of Vitamin Stree, a platform celebrated for championing feminist narratives.

Join us as we uncover Tara's journey behind the brands, exploring her pivotal roles in Netflix's iconic shows and her transformative approach to marketing in India.

Insights from this Episode:

  • Insights into Tara Kapur's journey from journalism to marketing, and her dynamic career transitions.
  • The innovative strategies Tara employs in language proficiency assessment at Duolingo English Test.
  • The fusion of storytelling finesse and marketing brilliance in Tara's approach to brand amplification.
  • Tara's role in revolutionizing marketing practices in India and her contributions to feminist narratives through Vitamin Stree.
  • Behind-the-scenes anecdotes and lessons from Tara's tenure with Netflix, Vice Media, and other iconic brands.

An accomplished marketing professional and Editor in Chief at Icons Behind Brands, will skilfully guide this conversation. As the Co-Founder of Ginger Media Group, she brings a unique perspective to the discussion, fostering insightful dialogues with industry leaders.

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