Excitel Broadband CMO Aditya Jain Unveils Marketing Mastery!


Excitel Broadband CMO Aditya Jain Unveils Marketing Mastery!

Tune in as Devleena Neogi hosts an enlightening interview with Aditya Jain, a seasoned marketing expert with over 13 years of experience in brand management across diverse sectors like healthcare, tobacco, and internet. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Excitel Broadband, Aditya is shaping India's most dynamic internet brand, orchestrating innovative campaigns and driving customer acquisition and retention. 

In this insightful podcast, Aditya shares invaluable strategies for digital marketing effectiveness in the competitive internet service market and delves into navigating regulatory landscapes. Discover Aditya's leadership principles guiding team management and customer-centric approaches to maintain brand reputation. Additionally, enjoy a rapid-fire segment where Aditya reveals personal insights, including favourite memories, productivity hacks, and advice for professional growth. Don't miss out on Aditya's wealth of knowledge and experience illuminating the essence of marketing mastery!

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