Redefining Brand Narratives: Insights from Aradhika S. Mehta


Redefining Brand Narratives: Insights from Aradhika S. Mehta

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Join us for an exclusive interview with Aradhika S. Mehta, Founder/Chief Strategy Officer of Brand Architects, as she shares her two decades of expertise in the marketing realm. Aradhika has been instrumental in shaping the strategies of fashion giants like Levi’s, Nike, and, and her innovative approaches have reshaped global perceptions. Formerly the CMO of The Body Shop, Aradhika's insights have driven purpose-driven marketing initiatives in today's dynamic landscape. In this teaser episode, hosted by Devleena Neogi, Editor-in-Chief of Icons Behind Brands, Aradhika discusses her approach as a founder/CSO at Brand Architects and how the beauty and fashion industries have evolved in terms of marketing techniques and consumer behavior.

 Stay tuned for the full episode to delve deeper into Aradhika's leadership insights and her vision for redefining brand narratives. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation!

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