Hygiene & Marketing: Breaking Barriers with Anika Malik Wadhera


Hygiene & Marketing: Breaking Barriers with Anika Malik Wadhera

Step into the world of “Hygiene & Marketing: Breaking Barriers with Anika Malik Wadhera” where host Devleena Neogi uncovers the secrets to success with Anika Malik Wadhera, Head of Marketing at Sirona Hygiene Pvt Ltd. With over 12 years of experience, Anika is a beacon of expertise in digital strategy and brand management. Discover:

      ·   Anika's trailblazing journey in hygiene and feminine product advertising.

      ·   Strategies for overcoming stigma and educational barriers.

      ·   The art of aligning marketing prowess with business objectives.

      ·   Unveiling powerful leadership strategies that drive results.

And don't miss the cherry on top: a lively rapid-fire round that adds a dash of fun to this exclusive conversation! Tune in for insights that break barriers and inspire greatness.



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