GIBS: A Brand Redefining ‘Management Education’


GIBS: A Brand Redefining ‘Management Education’

Ritesh Goyal, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker

“Everything happens by accident, not with a plan”, says Ritesh Goyal, Business Coach and Motivational Speaker, and Chairman of GIBS Business School.

To make a difference in the business education industry, Goyal founded GIBS (Global Institute of Business Studies) in 2015 in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. 

Goyal’s prior experience in the education industry worked as an advantage for him during the inception of GIBS. He started GIBS when he felt the need for a unique and innovative education system rather than a traditional one.

Other things envisioned by the founders included redefining the quality of learning and offer programs that were globally accepted. 

“Building leaders of tomorrow that are corporate ready and more than that, good human-beings is our ultimate goal”, Ritesh Goyal stated in our recent interview with him.

Talking about his mentors, he added that he does not have a single mentor but many mentors who he meets in his day-to-day life. He also went on to state “Any condition can be your mentor, not a specific person.”

As an entrepreneur who is excelling in every field, Ritesh attributes his success to his mantra of “work is worship”.

Unlike other business schools, GIBS places prime importance on the growth of the students. Today, since the education sector is becoming more student-oriented, the brand is narrowing down its area of teaching to a unique curriculum that is tailormade as per the expectations of the industry.

When asked what urged him to start GIBS, Goyal reiterated “I am a firm believer of destiny and everything happens for a reason. I believe in putting my 100% in everything I do”. Today, GIBS is recognized as one of the top business schools in India.

As an entrepreneur, Goyal has learned a lot from brands such as Uber, Ola and OYO too. He added, “I have learned that it is important to invest in the process, not in the product”.

Having achieved so much within a short span of time, Ritesh believes that partnerships and raising funds from investors is not something that is made for him. He stands for achieving his dreams with his own grit and determination.

In the world of entrepreneurship, no brand is immune to challenges and hurdles. Commenting on this, Ritesh said, “If there is no hurdle, there is no business. It is important to keep doing the right thing and going through each day”.

As an owner of seven successful ventures, Goyal has big plans for GIBS, which he also referred to as his “baby”. Every morning when he wakes up, he feels great about his accomplishments and the fact that he has been able to build a management education center from scratch.

Talking about his plans for 2020, he revealed “Initially it was more people-oriented, 2020 onwards we want to make it process-oriented”. 

He also went on to mention that GIBS heavily relies on digital media for its success. “Earlier, it was print media. However, today our campaigns are 90% digital including organic and paid advertising. With this, we believe, we can reach tier-1 and tier-2 cities of India.”In his closing statement dedicated to aspiring educationists, he stated “It is all about the survival of the fittest.”

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