Distribution Models: How They Have Evolved With Time

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Distribution Models: How They Have Evolved With Time

Amit Sethiya is the Chief Marketing Officer of leading Syska Group. Over the course of his more than 17 years of expertise, he has worked with top consumer companies in industries including steel, real estate, and consumer electronics. He was included in the AFAQ reporter’s list of the Top 50 Most Influential Marketing Professionals in 2018. 

In addition to marketing, Mr. Sethiya is also fond of writing, teaching, music, and public speaking.


Change In Traditional Distribution Model

The distribution models are covered in the opening remarks by Mr. Amit Sethiya. He describes the development of modern distribution structures that appropriately deal with dealers and distributors directly.

Maximize The Reach To Consumers

It requires the support of mass media to perform effective marketing

Mr. Sethiya contends that engaging consumers is essential for effective marketing, but that doing so necessitates using mass media. He describes how brands currently control mass media communication.

Digitalization And Organic Engagement

Whatever you’re communicating needs to strike with the chord of the consumer

Mr. Amit also discusses how, when it comes to communicating with dealers and distributors concurrently, digitalisation has boosted the entire marketing environment. He continues by saying that he believes that the development of AI and audio voice search technologies will usher in a bright future for digitalization.

Tips For Marketing Strategy

Mr. Amit asserts that a competent marketer should have a chosen few attributes, such as the ability to view clients as business partners rather than as clients of a marketing firm. He continues by saying that the term instils a sense of accountability, enabling marketers to work effectively. Then he asserts that agility is yet another beneficial marketing quality.


It won’t be wrong if we say that the distribution models are some of the topics that might seem a bit complicated to a few people. But, listening to our expert Mr. Amit speak about it will enlighten you about it in detail and help you understand various models.

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There is no denying the fact that, with time, the distribution models have gone through major changes. Traditional distribution has evolved a lot and when you listen to someone who knows about it in detail, it proves to be highly fruitful. We, at Icons behind brands, have many more videos like that. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

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