Curating a Pads Campaign

Curating a Pads Campaign

Curating a Pads Campaign

The Rio Pads Campaign will be discussed in this episode of Iconic Ads with Devleena and Saurabh, which is back with another exciting brand marketing campaign episode.

Priya’s expertise as the CEO of Ormax Compass in providing actionable insights has helped this ad to become the roadmap to sensitive topics. 

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Full Podcast Launch

It's finally here—what you've all been waiting for! The whole episode of Rio Pads as part of the ongoing series of  Iconic Ads with Devleena and Saurabh.

Let's delve into the marketing aspects of providing advertisements that address delicate subjects like the ones mentioned above. This advertisement has evolved into a guide for delicate issues thanks to Priya's skill as the CEO of Ormax Compass in offering practical insights. 

With this fantastic advertising, it's time to travel back in time! 

So tune in and learn all about this iconic ad.

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