Dive Deep into Marketing Mastery with Rekha Sahay


Dive Deep into Marketing Mastery with Rekha Sahay

Unleash the marketing genius within!  This episode of Icons Behind Brands features the inspiring Rekha Sahay, Head of Marketing & Communications at Sasken Technologies Limited.

Rekha's extensive experience across IT/ITes, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, and more has equipped her to craft data-driven marketing strategies that drive real business growth.

Join Devleena Neogi, Editor-in-Chief of Icons Behind Brands, as they explore:

  • The impact of Rekha's diverse industry background on her marketing approach
  • A pivotal leadership moment that redefined her team management style
  • Strategies to build a culture of innovation within your marketing team
  • The evolving marketing landscape in the IT services and consulting industry
  • Effective ways to leverage social media marketing to connect with Gen Z

Gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to elevate your marketing game!

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