Finding the tone of the Kit Kat Ads

Finding the tone of the Kit Kat Ads

Finding the tone of the Kit Kat Ads

This edition of Iconic Ads with Devleena and Saurabh, which is back with another intriguing brand marketing campaign episode, will be about the Kit Kat Marketing Campaign.

Mr Kunal Mehta has over eight years of experience of diverse experience across categories, companies and countries in roles involving strategic brand management, campaign development, global innovations, retail operations and P&L responsibilities.

Join in as he describes working on this campaign.

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Full Podcast Launch

We all recognise famous TV commercials and advertisements. Still, we are unaware of the behind-the-scenes, so IBB has created Iconic Ads series where our hosts, Ms Devleena Neogi and Mr Saurabh Bajaj, will talk with professionals involved in making those iconic moments for roughly 100 of these ads. 

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to have a break and enjoy a Kit K. 

So tune in and learn all about this iconic ad.

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