Marketing Tips for Brand| Mr. Rahul Singh IBB

Marketing Tips for Brand| Mr.  Rahul Singh IBB

Marketing Tips for Brand| Mr. Rahul Singh IBB

One of the most successful method for marketers to consider their customers when creating campaigns is to segment them based on specific criteria. It's essential to understand that not all customers have the same needs or react the same way to products. As a result, by segmenting customers based on similar criteria, you can develop marketing for each segment to achieve better results.

Want to know more about it? If yes then you have got the opportunity. 

Well, you will get to know more about it in the latest podcast with Mr. Rahul Singh. 

Mr. Rahul is a marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. He has been associated with many famous brands like HP, Dell, HCL.

Stick around for the soon-releasing upcoming episode of Icons Behind Brand. 

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