Mastering Marketing: Insights from Tech Industry Titan Aditya Sharma


Mastering Marketing: Insights from Tech Industry Titan Aditya Sharma

Devleena Neogi chats with marketing guru Aditya Sharma, a 20+ year veteran who's driven strategies for TCS, Infosys, and Wipro. Now leading marketing at L&T Technology Services, Aditya shares his expertise in digital marketing, brand building, and stakeholder engagement. Learn from this marketing maestro's journey, how he tackles the AI-powered digital age, and his advice for aspiring marketing leaders. Stay tuned!

Discussed Topics:

  • Aditya's marketing career path and key experiences.
  • How his experience shaped his approach in tech & engineering sectors.
  • Mastering marketing in the age of AI and digital.
  • Unique challenges in marketing engineering services.
  • The role of thought leadership in engineering marketing.

Bonus: Rapid Fire Questions

  • Favourite work memory
  • Biggest change since he started working
  • Advice for new employees and aspiring marketing leaders

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