Upcoming brand new interview of the associate VP of Indigo, Mr. Nikhil Dhar!!🌟

Upcoming brand new interview of the associate VP of Indigo, Mr. Nikhil Dhar!!🌟

Upcoming brand new interview of the associate VP of Indigo, Mr. Nikhil Dhar!!🌟

On IBB, we are bringing you yet another amazing, highly experienced marketer to discuss all things marketing, branding, advertising, and business. 

Mr. Nikhil is the associate VP of marketing at Indigo which today is currently one of the largest airlines in the country. 

He is at leading a top-level position in a highly competitive sector such as aviation, Mr Nikhil is going to be sharing how Indigo works on their marketing efforts. Some of the insights he has learned throughout the years.

So stay tuned for more.

It's finally up! Our brand new interview episode featuring Mr. Nikhil Dhar, VP of digital and marketing at Indigo 🀩

We are super grateful to Mr. Nikhil for giving us his precious time to share his valuable, expert marketing insights with us and the whole Icons Behind Brand's community.

The insights shared by Mr. Nikhil come from over a decade of experience working in reputed companies at noteworthy positions.

Being a VP of digital and marketing of one of the largest (if not the largest) airlines in India, Mr Nikhil's insights are not to be missed. We truly enjoyed filming and producing this interview. It discusses several ideas all good Marketers must know to sustain or grow.

Do not miss it. Now listen to your favourite podcast episode at the comfort of your life and work.

Feed your brain with creativity, good leadership qualities, and insightful ideas like shared in this interview.✨

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