How has the pandemic transformed the Entertainment Industry?

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How has the pandemic transformed the Entertainment Industry?

Mr. Rahul Mishra is the general manager of the Marketing Team Of Shemaaro, which is one of India’s first brands to introduce binge-watching. 

No one can skip talking about this market leader when it comes to managing the shift from offline to online in the Entertainment Industry. Having extensive expertise spanning more than 14 years, he was a key player in Shemaroo’s transition from a B2B to a B2C new-age digital company. 

Dominance Of Customers

The more open we are as a brand, what we stand for and what we are trying to bring to our consumers, the consumers would embrace that more

The customers serve as the most fundamental aspect of every business, regardless of the sector you’re in or the kind of products and services you deliver. Mr. Mishra shares similar thoughts when he discusses how connecting the brand with the audience is the first step in successful brand marketing.  According to him, internal team alignment, internal communication management and customers are the three necessary aspects for building a brand. 

Shift In Entertainment Sector Led By Pandemic

The media and entertainment sector has advanced swiftly in response to pandemic-driven behavioural shifts.  

During the time of prevailing uncertainty, marketers had to navigate a very different landscape

Mr. Rahul Mishra expresses three major shifts that are led by the COVID pandemic outbreak. The primary shift was in terms of content consumption. There was a sudden shift as consumers began to view entertainment as a necessity. Second, the revenue drop also had a severe impact on the media sector. Revenue only rose in the subscription-based enterprises, which was the sole area. Lastly, there was a lack of content because no shoots were taking place.

The digital landscape developed excellent opportunities for the entertainment industry throughout the pandemic. Mr. Mishra asserts that during the COVID pandemic marketers have searched for creative, newly unexplored ways to reach their audiences across all media.

Shemaroo As First Consumer Brand

We are the entertainment company for the masses, we have no claims about it

Mr. Rahul Mishra explains how Shemaroo valued the needs of the customer and made an effort to grasp their ideas in order to communicate better. Shemaroo also made a number of advancements and endeavours in their OTT domain in addition to this. They promised weekly new content when they first entered the local market.

Conclusion: Secrets For Success

Having a very dynamic mindset, in Mr. Mishra’s opinion, is vital for success in the entertainment industry. Then success requires a willingness to embrace new media. 

Overall, no matter which field we look at, the COVID pandemic has impacted everything and the entertainment industry is nothing different. The introduction of OTT happened a long time back but the focus shifted to it after the pandemic only.

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