Brand And Alliance: How It Works?

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Brand And Alliance: How It Works?

Mr. Pavneet Ahluwalia oversees brand partnerships and strategic alliances at Ferns and Petals. He has more than eight years of brand strategy experience when talking about his expertise in the marketing sector. Additionally, he has worked for numerous well-known organisations throughout his long career, demonstrating his aptitude for marketing.

Transition In Brand And Alliance

“Brand is all about ideas”

The conversation is addressed by Mr. Pavneet, who describes how there has been a significant shift on the brand, alliance, and partnership sides. He claims that effective ideas and improved communication are the cornerstones of the brand.

How To Connect With Target Audience

“We get heard in the right places through high impact and focused brand drilling solutions”

The best method to connect with customers is by taking the time to understand their problems and find solutions. Mr. Pavneet conveys a similar viewpoint when he emphasizes the value of listening to customers for the finest marketing outcomes.

Brand And Collaboration

“Beneficial collaborations are always a perfect mix for a win-win alliances”

Brands used to shy away from partnerships in the past, but since the pandemic, things have drastically altered. However, this idea is widely trendy since brands highly value collaborations because they perceive it as a helping hand. It helps in developing a media brand reputation, claims Pavneet. Additionally, brand alliances provide real answers to business challenges.

Effective Market Strategies

Mr. Pavneet offered several market strategies near the end. He asserts that the secret to effective marketing is to leverage digital marketing to its fullest potential. The right sort of material must then be used to engage consumers. The secret is influencer marketing, to finish.


If you think that just launching a brand is enough, you are very wrong! Yes, you heard it right as launching a brand is where your actual work begins from. Once you start a brand, you need to focus on numerous aspects of it and make various strategies to make sure how you’ll find your target audience and approach them to market your brand. If you also belong to the corporate sector, this video featuring Mr. Pavneet will be highly beneficial for you.

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