Women In Marketing And The Future Of That Sector

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Women In Marketing And The Future Of That Sector

Runam Mehta is the CEO of the prominent Health tech company HealthCube. She has more than 15 years of expertise in building businesses and new distribution channels in the healthcare sector. She has worked in almost every business sector, starting with physiotherapy and most recently launching the first service of its kind for elders. With such an amazing experience, no one can overlook the fact that she has a thorough understanding of the market and the target audience.

Push For Women Leaders In Marketing

“We value trust, accountability, ownership and teamwork”

Runam Mehta, a female leader in the marketing industry, starts by stating that women are equal to men and have the potential to be the best market leaders. Being open with family and coworkers is significant for women. She emphasises that for women, the key to success is to present their true selves to everyone, and only then can they achieve greatness. She also says that for market leaders, success comes from hard work and honesty.

Tips For Successful Marketing Campaigns

“One of the key things is to understand your product should solve a problem and then create a product according to that”

When it comes to marketing campaigns, three factors, in Runam’s opinion, are most important. Prioritize the communications component first. The second is to focus on your customers, who hold the key to effective marketing. Finally, to understand how your brand is performing in the market, it is also vital to regularly track your advertising.

Future Of Marketing 

According to Runam, customer centricity is essential in the fully digital era. She asserts that a company can only be successful in the future if it is data-driven and sells products with high perceived value.

Principles For Market Challenges

Runam Mehta also explains how being actionable is necessary to overcome any kind of challenge in the marketing field. 


There’s no denying the fact that women are doing great in each and every sector nowadays and the same is the case with the field of marketing. It might seem a bit complex, but once understood from the eyes of an expert, it won’t appear that difficult to you. So, listening to Runam Mehta will enlighten you about the details of the marketing sector.

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