Retail And E-commerce Sectors After The COVID Pandemic

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Retail And E-commerce Sectors After The COVID Pandemic

Ms Arti Singh is the founder and managing partner of ConnectExp. 

Arti Singh is the former head of MRP (Retail division of Madison) and Hyperspace (Shoppers Marketing & Experiential division of Dentsu India). After working for well-known companies including Ceat tyres, HDFC Bank, MasterCard, and Berger paints, she finally launched her own startup ConnectExp. With 19 years of extensive marketing expertise, Arti is an experienced professional with an appealing background in experiential, shopper, and retail marketing. 

Brands got the increasing demand for their products which increased their sales automatically.

It is a fact that the retail and the e-commerce sector got to witness numerous trends during and after the COVID pandemic. And when asked about the same, Ms Arti Singh pointed out three primary trends which are: consumers started investing in necessities only and shifted to online buying, a touch free shopping experience was promoted, and consumers got to buy new products. 

Transition In Consumer Behaviour 

People have started to live the new normal but with great awareness of the environment 

While talking about the shift in consumer behaviour after the COVID pandemic, Ms Arti Singh highlighted the concept of revenge shopping and discussed how it’s going to come within the people because they have income saved. During the lockdown, people were doing nothing which helped them save a lot of money at their disposal. And, as they have money now, they’ll spend it now on various things like travel, clothes etc. Another change in consumer behaviour she pointed out is that consumers have started to buy from local stores. Not just this, she discussed the shift from the brands’ end as well. She talked about how they are trying to integrate such technologies which won’t create any kind of fear in the consumers and give them a risk-free experience. 

Change In The Marketing Strategy

Saved money and increased demand have given a boost to the retail industry 

According to our expert, Ms Arti Singh, the industries that are going to flourish the most in the coming years are the healthcare, personal care, mobile, FMCG, consumer durables, and insurance industries. While talking about the change in marketing strategy, she told us that for tier 1 and tier 2, the primary marketing strategy is to create experiences for the consumers. 


All in all, we can say that the retail and the e-commerce sector has been through numerous ups and downs during the COVID pandemic, just like the other sectors. And, listening to our expert Ms Arti Singh will enlighten you about everything related to it including changes in consumer behaviour and marketing strategy after the epidemic. 

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It is a fact that the COVID pandemic has led to numerous transitions in all sectors which have led to a huge evolution. If some of you were having confusion understanding the retail and the e-commerce sector, listening to an expert is really what you needed. We, at Icons behind brands, have more such helpful videos so you can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated about them.

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