Marketing And Sale: Expert Advice On Securing Leads

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Marketing And Sale: Expert Advice On Securing Leads

Mr Bipul Chandra is the Managing Director Of Ducati India. Chandra has worked in the automotive sector for more than 20 years. He has previously worked for companies including Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, and Ashok Leyland. Not only this but, he has worked closely with multilingual teams within India, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Sales Tip By Expert

“Unless the other person understands what the person wants, you’ll not be able to sell your things”

Mr Chandra argues that knowing what the customer wants is the key to successful sales. Therefore, there are measures to comprehend consumer needs and then attempt to fulfil them. The first consideration, in his opinion, should be service accessibility, followed by pricing discussions, and finally, arriving at a solution that makes you both happy.

Marketing And Sales

“Both of them are truly inseparable processes”

Marketing and sales are something that goes on together. Mr Bipul Chandra talks about the same and says that a business should never try to separate these two processes. It always starts with the aim of marketing but sales come into the picture when it is about selling your products or services in the market. Both of them follow each other. 

Channels To Turn Customers Into Leads

According to Mr Chandra, Social media handles and Experiential marketing are the two channels that can turn customers into leads. He explains how through social media channels, it has become easy to get in touch with customers. Similarly, experiential marketing helps customers think about why they should buy a specific product.

Pandemic Strategy

“We should never stop communicating with people”

The main focus of marketing is communication. The only means by which marketers may inform clients about their offerings is through communication. Once the connection is made, the business gains a few new, dependable clients. According to Mr Chandra, maintaining contact with clients was the only brand approach that was successful during the pandemic.


When you own a business or brand, you have various fields to focus on, and sales and marketing are two of the most important ones among them. It is true that the corona pandemic hit the marketing sector as well, but listening to our expert Mr Chandra will provide you with excellent tips to fight back against the effects of the pandemic and ways to get leads. 

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It is a fact that just investing in marketing is not enough as it won’t boost your sales until you get to secure new leads. And, to make sure that your marketing strategy is a success, it’s necessary to get expert advice. Listening to Mr Chandra will act as that expert advice that might change the face of your business and strategy. We have more such videos available at Icons behind brands that you can watch by subscribing to our newsletter and staying updated. 

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