Aspects Of Marketing: Medium, Budget, And The Impact Of COVID

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Aspects Of Marketing: Medium, Budget, And The Impact Of COVID

Mr Sanjeev Shukla is the co-founder of Terra Bliss Pvt Ltd. He has worked in the advertising industry for almost three decades. As a founding member, he was also present for the historic debut of both Hyundai Motor and the Hyundai Santro. 

Narrowing Of Marketing Budget

“You have to think about every single rupee no matter the budget is big or small”

Mr Shukla talks about one of the important aspects of marketing, that is, how to manage the marketing budget. He claims that it is crucial to pay attention to how much money you are having and how much you’ll spend. No matter whether your budget is more or less if you’re saving even 1% of that money, you can use it later on for the betterment only. In simple terms, a sense of responsibility is the primary thing a marketer should focus on. 

Medium Of Marketing

“It is not the type of marketing, but the customers to begin with”

According to Mr Sanjeev, your success is determined more by how well you understand your customers than by the type of marketing you use. Knowing your clients and comprehending their wants is the foundation of marketing, and only marketers can work on campaigns after that.

Digital Marketing: Pandemic Solution

“It’s not just the digital marketing but the technology, the CRM technology, the data analytics, the media part”

The one thing that benefited marketing during the pandemic was digitalization. Mr Shukla mentions the same idea but adds that it wasn’t just digital marketing but rather all of the technology that gave marketers a greater understanding of their clients. He further explains how during the covid outbreak, there were no buyers, sellers, share market or money. But self belief and perseverance helped marketers and guided them to work through digital methods. 

Tips For Best Marketing Campaigns

Mr Sanjeev Shukla explains long-term relationships and the best customer experience are a necessity for effective marketing campaigns. Then, he talks about what things you should see to choose a marketing agency to collaborate with. According to him, a good marketing agency will always look after the consumer and work for their best. 


One thing that all of us know about marketing is that we cannot imagine the corporate sector without it, right? The way a company carries its marketing strategy makes a big difference in how successful it gets and that’s why business owners need to know about all the aspects of marketing. When you listen to our expert, it’ll provide you with details about marketing and how it works.

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There are myriads of aspects of digital marketing that might seem complex, especially after the impact the pandemic has had on it. When you want to know about the budget and strategy related to digital marketing, there’s nothing better than listening to an expert like Mr Sanjeev Shukla. We, at Icons behind brands, have more such videos for you that you can watch if you stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter. 

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