The Field Of Communications: Changes And Shifts In It

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The Field Of Communications: Changes And Shifts In It

Geetika Bangia is in the department of PR & Corporate Communications at Philips India Delhi. 

Mrs. Bangia is a professional with more than 18 years of expertise in fields like healthcare, automotive, and consumer durables. She has worked tirelessly and fervently to create engaging brand visuals through communication. A steadfast and dedicated professional with extensive experience in CRM, corporate communications, public relations, and crisis management.

Drastic Transition In Communications

“Contacts don’t work, but connects matters so that one’s learning and experience”

Geetika Bangia introduces the discussion by outlining the advancements in communications. According to her, learning is directly correlated with experience, and the field of communications is undergoing constant change. 

She further adds that any marketing strategy’s core component is communication, and customers today understand the idea of public image as a whole.

Shift In Content Consuming Pattern

“There was a shift in consumer communication pattern”

According to Mrs. Bangia, the concept of content consumption patterns refers to how consumers interpret and react to brand ideas. She claims that consumers today are making decisions based on their understanding of the brand’s proposition.

Significance Of Purpose Driven Communications

“Brand try to make a statement that connects to their aim and mission”

Geetika emphasises how important purpose-driven communication is in the present world. She argues that in order for consumers to comprehend the purpose, marketers today convey their vision in the brand messaging. She goes on to say that the key is to perceive your target audience. Keeping the consumer in mind became crucial, particularly after the epidemic.

Three Rs And Es To Success

“Reskilling themselves, recalibrating themselves and realigning with the new ways by which communication can reach out to the audience”

According to Mrs. Bangia, these three Rs are nothing but the key to success. She highlights that marketers have got the task of connecting with the consumer, hearing out their demands and creating quality content for the consumer for effective marketing. Furthermore, she explains the three Es engagement, empathy and emotional connection as the framework for better communication


It is a fact that we are living in an era that is going through a huge evolution and transformation in all sectors and communication is one of them. Listening to Mrs Geetika Bangia will let you know about how there is a drastic change in how various processes in the field of communication works.

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