Iconic ads with Devleena and Saurabh promo


Iconic ads with Devleena and Saurabh promo

Everyone can remember one iconic ad they can never forget; whether it's a fun jingle or an eye-catching shot, ads subconsciously affect our minds. 

Now, learn the art of how ads work from the geniuses behind these ads 
Join us as guests come from various marketing backgrounds as they enlighten us with the process. 

Icons Behind Brands presents' Iconic Ads with Devleena and Saurabh' for your stop to know all about advertisements. Ms Devleena, Editor in Chief of Icons Behind Brands. and Mr Saurabh Bajaj, well-known names and influential figures in the marketing industry, are the Executive Vice Presidents of Marketing Prepaid at Vodafone Idea. 

We are very excited, and we hope you are too!

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Replenish your memories of the best ads with scintillating conversations. 

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