Sales and Marketing| Ishan Bose | Kreditbee| IBB

Sales and Marketing| Ishan Bose | Kreditbee| IBB

Sales and Marketing| Ishan Bose | Kreditbee| IBB

What are the major differences between Sales and Marketing? 

What do you understand by the term Martech? 

How to follow the digital advancements happening in the sector of marketing? 

These are some fascinating questions of which you will get answers in the new podcast of Icons Behind Brands ‘Marketing Today And Tomorrow’.

Our host, Devleena Neogi spoke with Mr. Ishan Bose, who is CMO at Kreditbee. He is a visionary in developing marketing and sales strategies who is experienced when it comes to Fintech platforms. 

It's a new episode full of new learnings, new insights, new experiences. So stay tuned because we are releasing the full episode soon! 

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