OKAYA’s Ultimate Marketing Strategy Disclosed By Pritish Gupta


OKAYA’s Ultimate Marketing Strategy Disclosed By Pritish Gupta

Dive into the electric future with Pritish Gupta!

 Explore the realm of marketing mastermind with Pritish Gupta, the visionary from OKAYA ELECTRIC VEHICLES, in this full episode of Icons Behind Brands!

 This interview is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of transportation, marketing, and technology.

Join host and editor-in-chief Devleena Neogi as she sits down with Pritish Gupta to explore the evolving landscape of marketing strategies.

In this session, you'll gain insights on:

– Navigating the shift:

 Pritish Gupta's unique perspective on navigating the evolution of marketing, from traditional methods to the digital age and ultimately landing in the dynamic world of EVs.

– Beyond the features:

 Discover how Pritish Gupta tackles the challenges and opportunities in marketing EVs, focusing on building deep emotional connections with consumers, not just highlighting features.

– The EV revolution unfolds:

 Explore Pritesh Gupta's insightful comparison of the EV market to the smartphone revolution, drawing parallels between consumer behavior and product evolution.

Get ready to be inspired and informed as Pritish Gupta unveils the future of mobility and the crucial role of marketing in shaping it.

Dive deep into the conversation of Devleena Neogi and Pritish Gupta which includes:

– Pritish Gupta highlights common concerns about electric vehicles (EVs)
– Pritish Gupta discusses his journey to Okaya and his perspective on the EV industry
– Pritish explains Okaya's unique selling proposition (USP)
– The discussion shifts to the challenges and opportunities of marketing EVs
–  Pritish compares EVs to smartphones
– The conversation concludes with a discussion of the future of EV marketing

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