Pc chandra full

Pc chandra full

Pc chandra full

This edition of Iconic Ads with Devleena and Saurabh, which is back with another intriguing brand marketing campaign episode, will be about the  PC Chandra Jewels Marketing Campaign.

Ms Suman Varma, CMO of Hamdard Laboratories, is here to shed light on the revolution she and her team brought into the world of jewellery advertisement. 

Join in as she describes working on this campaign.

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Full Podcast Launch

We all recognise famous TV commercials and advertisements. Still, we are unaware of the behind-the-scenes, so IBB has created Iconic Ads series where our hosts, Ms Devleena Neogi and Mr Saurabh Bajaj, will talk with professionals involved in making those iconic moments for roughly 100 of these ads. 

Who doesn't want to take a moment to slow down and have a five-star in this hustle and bustle? Learn about how PC Chandra Jewels created the iconic ads.

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