Standing Out Amazon Aur Dekhao

Standing Out Amazon Aur Dekhao

Standing Out Amazon Aur Dekhao

This edition of Iconic Ads with Devleena and Saurabh, which is back with another intriguing brand marketing campaign episode, will be about the Amazon Ad Marketing Campaign.

Mr. Abhijith Shetty is a marketing and brand strategy specialist with over 11 years of experience in consumer research, brand development, and communications development with major advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Lowe Lintas, Dentsu, and now McCann. Join in as he describes working on this campaign.

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Mr Abhijith Shetty is a marketing guru and the Vice President of Brand Strategy and Planning at McCann World Group. He and his team were the masterminds of Amazon's renowned Aur Dikhao advertising. Not only did the campaign help Amazon become a phenomenon in India, but it also helped it outperform all of its competitors!

It's time to take a trip down memory lane with this great advertisement! Listen to this episode right now!

So tune in and learn all about this iconic ad.

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